Vote with your checkbook

December 5, 2004

"Shop by Color" is the new "Anybody But Bush." Following the lead at, buy a computer with Intel inside by all means, but don't get it from Dell - they are a "red" company, you could get it from the (big) "blue" IBM however. If you thought that red and blue states were ridiculous then you are going to love this. Intel is a "blue" company because it gave 53% of its donations to Democrats and 47% to Republicans. Karl Rove owns more stock in Intel ($100,000) than the difference between their party donations. If the difference was relevant then he would probably cash in his investment! When you get that Big Blue IBM computer with Intel inside you will be pleased to know that it will probably come with "blue" Microsoft's Windows XP. But a closer analysis of this proves the whole thing to be nuts. "Blue" Microsoft paid over 3 times more to the Republicans than "red" Dell. How is this possible? Because Microsoft paid even more to the Democrats. The real lesson in all of this, is that if we want to effect change through our checkbooks, we have to contend with the fact that those with the biggest checking accounts will have the most say.

The equally enormous corporate donations to both parties helps to explain why their similar pro-corporate, pro-war bigotted positions.

Boycotts may well be a tactic that the left can employ, but in this case it is worse than meaningless, it is a distraction from the real tasks we need to engage in for example: rebuilding the antiwar movement, the women's rights movement, the gay rights, and civil rights, the anti-death penalty movements. Buying things from corporations that marginally supported the pro-war, anti-gay Kerry, over the pro-war anti-gay Bush is absurd.