If you try to save the life of one person today - make sure it is Kenneth Foster

July 28, 2007

The State of Texas plans to kill Kenneth Foster on August 30, 2007. Kenneth didn't rape, kill or maim anyone. He didn't reveal a CIA agent, or price gauge the state of California, he certainly didn't start a war for oil in which hundreds of thousands of people have been killed.

He was the driver of a car, from which Mauriceo Brown, one of the passengers, exited, got in an altercation with Michael LaHood and shot and killed him. (Long story, made short) Kenneth was 85 feet away from the crime scene listening to music with the windows rolled up. Kenneth went to leave without the other passenger - but ended up picking him up as he left the scene.

Texas has a Law of Parties which means that accomplices in crimes may be charged with the crime itself and sentenced accordingly - in this case to death. Even if you were so backward as to think that might be a just kind of law - it shouldn't apply in this case. Kenneth did not know the crime was going to happen. It is not clear than anyone knew it was going to happen in advance including Mauriceo Brown.

How could this happen? There must be more to the case, right? Well there is - read up on it, the more that you read, the closer to the ground your jaw will drop. It seems each injustice in this case is riddled with more astounding injustices.

No really, how could this happen? Racism. Kenneth is Black. Young Black men are looked at by the criminal justice system as crimes waiting to happen. So what if Kenneth didn't actually do anything this time, it was just a matter of time right? That is racism.

What can you do to help Kenneth Foster? Make some noise. You write a blog about information graphics? - find a way to write about Kenneth Foster. You have an Aunt that works for a paper? Tell her the story. You have friends? Tell them to do the same. Don't have many friends but have money? Send some to:

Velocity Credit Union
PO BOX 1089
Austin, Texas 78767-9947

Acct. Name : To Save Kenneth Foster
Acct #: 831766.1

Saving Kenneth Foster, is about saving Kenneth Foster, but it is also about fighting racism, ending the law of parties, and ending the death penalty.

Save Kenneth Blog
Free Kenneth Foster website

Meeting: If you are in San Francisco, come to hear Barbara Becnel and Elizabeth Terzakis from the Campaign to End the Death Penalty speak about Kenneth's case. If you haven't heard Barbara speak before then you have been missing out, if you have then you will know that this is an event not to be missed. There will be a discussion afterwards - so come and have your say. That will be 7.00 pm Wednesday August 1st at 110 Capp St, Buzz 202, near 16th Street Bart. Sponsored by the International Socialist Org.

You can email me: josh@theyrule.net for more info.

Video from the blog:
Mario Africa makes the case so well...

We can save Kenneth Foster, we might even be able to set him free, and in my wildest dreams I could see him getting reparations for having spent 10 years on Death Row for driving a car - BUT it will take action. The state of Texas is serious about killing people. We have to make it politically impossible for them to commit this legal lynching. That means making some noise. Pass it on.