They Rule

How They Rule Us

November 13, 2006

How They Rule Us is a short blog entry by John Molyneux - a British Socialist. Here is an excerpt:
Capitalism, as we have seen, is a class divided society based on exploitation. Under capitalism a tiny highly privileged minority rules over the large majority and lives off their labour. How do they get away with it ?

Showing They Rule at BayCHI

January 27, 2006

Come see me - and more to the point all these great people talk about visualizing data.

Missing the point

January 25, 2006

"Connecting the dots" has become a euphemism for scapegoating Arabs and Muslims across the world for war and global insecurity. Tracking the Threat does a good job of distracting us from the real dangers that face us: nuclear war, global warming, and a war which is led by the wealthiest nation on the poor of the world in the name of 'fighting terrorism.'

Horde of Directors

January 24, 2005

Horde of Directors is an innovative use of the They Rule data by Ian Bogost and T. Michael Keesey. It's a game! Here is the decription from the website: Horde of Directors puts the player in the role of an activist trying to advance a social agenda in the complex world of interrelated corporate and government interests. By creating simplified experience of corporate interconnectedness, the game embodies the challenges of overcoming corporate and government nepotism in the name of social causes.

Thanks Ian and Michael!

The Most Important Election of our Lifetime

October 8, 2004

The Most Important Election of our Lifetime ~ Spot the Difference Quiz Game! ~

It is common knowledge that this is 'the most important election ever' - but can you tell the
difference between the two main candidates?

This quiz is intended to question just how significant the difference between Bush and Kerry really is. I hope that people find it provocative as well as thoughtful. Please follow the link at the end

Interview with me (Josh On)

September 24, 2004

Here is an interview with me after a talk I gave at Ars Electronica this year. Check out Sebastian Campion's (he was the interviewer) website - lots of great projects to absorb.


June 29, 2004

They Rule is on display in Taiwan at NAVIGATOR a show of digital art.

Exxon vs. the Environment

June 29, 2004

Amy Balkin and I, recently helped to make this website for Greenpeace. The information is detailed and condemning.

Exxon Secrets is the first chapter of a larger Greenpeace project provide a research database of information on the corporate funded anti-environmental movement.

A great map by Mikro

June 24, 2004

TEN RICHEST PEOPLE is a great example of what can be done in they rule.

Band of hostile brothers

May 31, 2004

Last night I made this map which shows over 250 connected companies. It will be possible to show many more than this. Please let me know if you see a map which shows even more.

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