Interactive political map of the West Bank

September 17, 2008

This Guardian interactive map of the occupation of the West Bank is a beautiful exposition of the extent of the occupation. It leads the viewer through a series of clicks which turn on map elements revealing the dominance of the Israeli occupation one aspect at a time.

Open Source Visualization Tools

October 29, 2007

Prefuse is brilliant!!! Here is their blurb: Prefuse is a set of software tools for creating rich interactive data visualizations. The original prefuse toolkit provides a visualization framework for the Java programming language. The prefuse flare toolkit provides visualization and animation tools for ActionScript and the Adobe Flash Player.

Long live prefuse!

Corporate Collective Consciousness

August 14, 2007

Isn't it lovely that corpoations, basically people like the rest of us, can edit wikipedia. Use Wiki Scanner to see what your least favorite Fortune 500 company has been using their free speech for.

Invisible 5

April 20, 2006

Listen to the Invisible 5 Environmental Justice Audio Tour as you travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles or vice versa. Hear the stories of people who live near the I5 and deal with environmental racism - battling toxic waste dumps, incinerators and smog. You can download the mp3s and listen on your mp3 player - or save it for the trip.

The Most Important Election of our Lifetime

October 8, 2004

The Most Important Election of our Lifetime ~ Spot the Difference Quiz Game! ~

It is common knowledge that this is 'the most important election ever' - but can you tell the
difference between the two main candidates?

This quiz is intended to question just how significant the difference between Bush and Kerry really is. I hope that people find it provocative as well as thoughtful. Please follow the link at the end

Exxon vs. the Environment

June 29, 2004

Amy Balkin and I, recently helped to make this website for Greenpeace. The information is detailed and condemning.

Exxon Secrets is the first chapter of a larger Greenpeace project provide a research database of information on the corporate funded anti-environmental movement.

The Fix is In

February 28, 2004

"We hear from Kurt Eichenwald, whose book The Informant is about the price fixing conspiracy at the food company ADM, Archer Daniels Midland, and the executive who co-operated with the FBI in recording over 250 hours of secret video and audio tapes, probably the most remarkable videotapes ever made of an American company in the middle of a criminal act." The Fix is In is one of the best episodes of the excellent radio series This American Life.

this is the public domain

February 28, 2004

What if you wanted to buy a piece of land and give it away to everyone in the world - forever? It turns out you can't, they won't let you - it goes against the fundamental basis of capitalist society - private property. Amy Balkin is making art trying to find a way to do it anyway. this is the public domain is a project with a simple premise that leads its appreciators into the complex world of legal structures put in place to help justify and mantain a system of unfair use in the physical world.

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