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If you want to find out what company owns a brand - is a prime place to check. It is an extensive database that not only tracks the brand ownership of multinationals but also connects them to environmental and labor violations.

Interactive political map of the West Bank

This Guardian interactive map of the occupation of the West Bank is a beautiful exposition of the extent of the occupation. It leads the viewer through a series of clicks which turn on map elements revealing the dominance of the Israeli occupation one aspect at a time.

Corporate Collective Consciousness

Isn't it lovely that corpoations, basically people like the rest of us, can edit wikipedia. Use Wiki Scanner to see what your least favorite Fortune 500 company has been using their free speech for. - money and epidemics

So it turns out money is like a disease!
"Using a popular internet game that traces the travels of dollar bills, scientists have unveiled statistical laws of human travel in the United States, and developed a mathematical description that can be used to model the spread of infectious disease in this country. This model is considered a breakthrough in the field." Read the full article here. From SOCNET.


Boing Boing had a link to Cryptome Cryptome this morning. According to Wikipedia Cryptome is: "a controversial website, hosted in the United States by its owner John Young, that functions as a repository for information that is prohibited or suppressed by various governments."

Disappeared in America

From Site:

Exploring Enron

From the site: :Using the Enron e-mail archive as a motivating dataset, we are attempting the marriage of visual and algorithmic analyses of e-mail archives within an exploratory data analysis environment. The intent is to leverage the characteristic strengths of both man[sic] and machine for unearthing insight. Below are a few sketches from a preliminary exploration into the design space of such tools." Site by Jeffrey Heer - thanks to Michael Dale for sending me the link.

Board to Death

Adbusters reviews California's Sonoma State University examination of the resumes of the 118 people who sit on the boards of directors of America's ten largest media organizations.


"CHALLENGE: Let's make data on world development understandable, enjoyable and free!"

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